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Aish Rai Actress

Aishwarya Rai Film Star & Aish the Celebrity Model

Aish Rai has blossomed into a beautiful International celebrity over the years, now commanding major acting roles around the world.
If you remember the phrase from an early advert

“Hi, I’m Sanjana”

in an Indian Pepsi commercial, you’ve been amongst the first to see Aishwarya Rai make her debut screen presence. From starting in simple commercials Aish went on to be a runner up in the Miss India contest and charmed the world with her Miss World title in 1994. The journey ever since, though chaotic, has turned in Aish Rai's favour time and again. She went on to bag popular film roles and proved critics who stated that models can’t act wrong each and every time. With her graceful dance sequences, pretty face and effort to do more, she went on to be Bollywoods leading lady. Aish Rai had her first successful film called 'Tamil' which came in 1999, after which another, 'Jeans' wooed the audiences.

From that point there was no looking back for Aish Rai!


Bollywood Aish Rai Film Actress

Films like 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' and 'Devdas' heralded success that can never be emulated. International casting groups took interest and Aishwarya would have taken Hollywood by surprise sooner had she ventured that way in her earlier film career. Aish Rai's English film 'Provoked' won international acclaim for its sensitive storytelling of a woman's suffering and her struggle as the protagonist. Apart from the South Indian film industry, Aish even worked wonders in the Bengali film industry which is a difficult area of film to conquer because of its reputation of serious cinema. 'Chokher Bali' went on to make her the connoisseur of all eyes.
Her initial participation at the Cannes Film Festival drew a lot of attention because of her so called ridiculous attire. The lady never retaliated but stood by her designers. Who was to blame, certainly not Aishwarya Rai because Indian fashion was yet to undergo the wave of change it represents today. Her presence at the festival in recent years is more of a prestige event for the country because what she wears is what everyone wants to wear.

Now Aish Rai is an acclaimed Fashion Role Model for women all around the World!